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Book Marketing - 13 Ways To Increase Your Book Marketing Results Today

Many authors spend far too much money and waste too much time trying to achieve success. There is a lot of information out there that, when put to the test, does not produce the desired results.

Designed to lead new authors and publishers beyond the hype and hearsay, this webcast covers a range of topics including how to get in front of a target audience, optimization for target audiences, social media, branding, Internet publicity, websites, audience engagement, converting visitors to buyers and more. The webcast also demonstrates how targeted marketing strategies impact publishing and production.

Success does not 'just happen'. To achieve success, we must know what will really work for a particular target audience. The learning curve is long and too much money and time can be wasted in endless experimentation. The end result can be frustration, rather than sales. It is necessary to get beyond the hype and hearsay if one hopes to be successful in today's Internet book marketing environment.

The new webcast is based on real world, professional level marketing strategies and is designed to clear up the confusion, answer a lot of questions and to help put authors and publishers on a track to real success. It's book marketing done the right way.



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