Today there are basically three forms of publishing companies. These are:

* Traditional publishers

* Self publishing companies and/or vanity publishing

* Package publishing companies

We have developed a hybrid model that incorporates the best from each of  these forms and eliminates the rest.

See below for a brief explanation of each.



Most authors hope to get a book publisher for one primary reason: marketing. However, most "old school" traditional publishing models require that authors do much of their own marketing. Authors are writers - not marketers.

We are different. From production to publishing to promotion, we focus on marketing first. We believe the best book in the world is worthless if nobody sees it or nobody buys it. After all, you wrote your book so others might read it, right?

For most authors, book marketing is a very real roadblock. Therefore, that old school model may not produce the desired marketing results.



The new "self-publishing" models are very problematic. In many vanity publishing models, authors are asked to pay outrageous fees and charges for things that can be learned by almost anyone.

Some try the "do it yourself" model. The "do it yourself" approaches may require years of learning. A lot of time and money can be wasted "trying things out", learning through "hearsay" or wasting resources through trial and error.

The end result is that many authors either get ripped off, fall for the "hype and hearsay", waste time, see few results, or all of the above.



Book publishing packages offer a specific set of services for everyone. This "one-size-fits-all" approach to publishing means that while you might get some of what you need, you may not get all of what you need. It is possible that you will end up having  to pay for things you don't need and will never use, or perhaps you will be forced to buy a higher level  to get needed services.


A new model is required.


NEW MODEL – The Hybrid Model

GREAT WRITERS PUBLISHING serves as a "hybrid" publishing partner. It is a common sense approach that incorporates the best ideas and techniques from all the models - a combination of traditional and self-publishing, with the primary focus squarely on promotion and marketing. We call this the 3 P’s: Production (P1), Publishing (P2), Promotion (P3).

Book marketing is our strong asset as our reputation, experience and testimonials demonstrate. Our clients benefit from our marketing skills, experience, proven strategies and considerable market reach.

We start by taking both new and existing works and turn them into something that is truly marketable with a broad target audience appeal (P1). Once the book has been produced and published or republished (P2), we bring our proven experience in book marketing and publicity to the table, and turn our focus to marketing that works (P3).

Our hybrid approach to production, publishing and promotion helps assure that authors get the maximum results from their efforts with the least amount of time, energy and investment. Think of it as production, publishing and promotion, all in one, with the primary focus on marketing.

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