"What does it cost to effectively market a book?"

This is like asking "What does a car cost?"

Here is the bottom line:

We do not do package publishing, as the author often ends up not getting what is needed, or ends up paying for things that are not needed at all.

We do not do "one-size-fits-all" marketing strategy development, as that is often the sure road to failure.

Here is the only marketing approach that makes sense:

Get the best possible product into the hands of the target market at the lowest possible cost.

That's the bottom line. And that's what we do.

The Common Sense Approach To Production, Publishing and Promotion

- Every situation is completely unique.
- Every goal, for every book, is different.
- Every individualized book marketing plan requires a laser sharp strategy to get a particular book into the hands of a particular target market, the right way, in an effective manner that will produce results.

A realistic, common sense approach dictates that to be successful in marketing any single book to a specific group of people, there are some things that simply must be done. Some of those things cost money, of course.


The Process:

1. You set your goals.

2. Together we develop the strategy and the list of things that must be done, based on the goals you have set.

3. We subtract from that list:
a. what has been done, and
b. what is being done currently.

4. This leave us with the final required "to-do" list.

5. We apply our publishing model and pricing schedule to the required products and services that involve costs on the finalized 'to-do' list.

PRICING SCHEDULE: Our pricing schedule for production, publishing and promotion  is almost always lower than any competitor in the marketplace for equivalent products and/or services. Need proof? We encourage you to shop other providers first, and then contact us.

6. This gives us the investment that will be required to implement the production, publishing and promotion plan in an effective manner.

Every situation will be different:

- If the numbers work, great.
- If the numbers don't work, payment arrangements and/or financing options can be discussed.
- It the final numbers don't work at all, we shake hands and walk away.

Regardless of any other factors, we always keep the bottom line in mind:

Get the best possible product into the hands of the target market at the lowest possible cost.

That's the bottom line. And that is what we do.

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