A Hybrid Publishing Company With A Clear Focus On Marketing

Publishing your book means little if your book does not sell

Effective marketing is the primary key to success for authors.
While many companies talk about marketing, in fact very few of them do it well.
Marketing is the #1 challenge for authors

Most authors hope to work with a publisher for one primary reason - marketing.
Nevertheless, most publishing models require that authors do much of their own marketing.
Authors are writers - not marketing experts.
For many authors, book marketing can be an insurmountable barrier to success

We are very different

We have decades of experience and proven track records in marketing and publicity.
From production to publishing to promotion, we focus on marketing first.
Our reputation speaks for itself - common sense publishing, promotion and publicity
No hype, no hearsay

We pull the best from both traditional publishing and self-publishing models to create individualized publishing/marketing plans
We implement strategies that work in today’s consumer-driven Internet environment.



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Many people do not pause to consider the promotion and marketing aspects of book production. For instance, covers, back cover copy and front content are important components in regards to producing a book that will succeed in the marketplace. Though it is said you ‘cannot judge a book by its cover', many people do. For these reasons we must consider marketing when making book production decisions.

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The choices made when publishing can dramatically affect the marketability of a particular book to a target audience. These decisions must be made carefully to assure that the book reaches a particular segment of the audience and that pricing, format, quality and availability are all in line with that segment of the audience's preferences. For these reasons we must consider marketing when making book publishing decisions.

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This is where we rise above the competition. Every marketing and publicity plan is custom designed to maximize awareness with your target audience. We do not do ‘package’ marketing. Every book is unique; every target market is different. The strategy used to connect your book with your target market is of the utmost importance. It can mean the difference between success and failure in the marketplace.

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Our focus is on marketing. Other publishing models do not fail because they are ‘wrong’. They often fail because they often do not take into consideration how consumers make purchasing decisions today. The old models do not transfer well to today's environment. If a marketing plan is ‘old school’, it is likely to fail. We have taken the best from the old models and dropped the rest to create a model that works today.


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