We are, first and foremost, marketing professionals.

The role we play will be based on many factors and will vary, based on those factors.

- We are not a traditional publisher, though we may function in that role.

- We are not a vanity publishing company. We do not work with everyone.

- We are not a package publishing company. We don’t do “one-size-fits-all” production, publishing or promotion - ever.


In general, we serve our clients in three ways:

1. As a traditional publisher with a focus on marketing. The author pays nothing and receives a royalty payout.

2. As a publishing partner. Some marketing costs can be split on a percentage basis, with a corresponding split on proceeds from sales. Every situation will be different and will be unique to a particular piece of work.

3. As an a la carte provider of publishing services. Our pricing will nearly always be substantially lower than what other providers charge.

There are very specific qualification requirements for each of these levels. Your work must meet all of these requirements to be eligible. Our intake consultation will allow us to determine the level(s) for which you may qualify. Regardless of qualification level, you win.

We reserve the right to reject any work for any reason.


We have decades of success and experience in marketing and media. Our track record speaks for itself. We have spent many years working directly with authors and this led us naturally from promotion to publishing and production. This experience, combined with the changes that have taken place in publishing models, led us to develop our hybrid approach to publishing.Those publishing services are 1. ) always developed with end-point marketing in mind and 2.) offered at lower prices than most other companies offering equivalent services.


Nobody can guarantee the success of any work in the marketplace. We can, however, guarantee two things:

1. Regardless of the form of relationship we decide upon, you will receive the utmost in service, quality and honesty in all interactions.

2. Pricing for products or services will be competitive with, or lower than, equivalent products/services available elsewhere in the marketplace.

We understand that our long-term success will continue to be built upon our reputation. For that reason our reputation is more important than what we might gain from short-term success. We do book marketing the right way


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Many people do not pause to consider the promotion and marketing aspects of book production. For instance, covers, back cover copy and front content are important components in regards to producing a book that will succeed in the marketplace. Though it is said you "cannot judge a book by its cover", many people do. For these reasons we must consider marketing when making production decisions.

The choices made when publishing can dramatically affect the marketability of a particular work to a target audience. These decisions must be made carefully to assure that the work reaches a particular segment of the audience and that pricing, format, quality and availability are all in line with that segment of the audience's preferences. For these reasons we must consider marketing when making publishing decisions.

This is where we rise above the competition. Every marketing and publicity plan is custom designed to maximize awareness with your target audience. We do not do "package" book marketing. Every book is unique; every target market is different. The strategy used to connect your work with your target market is of the utmost importance. It can mean the difference between success and failure in the marketplace.

Word of mouth sells books. Ultimately we must create word of mouth if we are to create long term success. Systems must be in place to build that buzz. Like everything else in the book marketing strategy, word of mouth strategies are designed around the target market's preferences.

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Our focus is on marketing. Other publishing models do not fail because they are "bad".  They can fail because they often do not take into consideration how consumers make purchasing decisions today. The old marketing models do not transfer well to this environment. If a marketing plan is "old school", it is very likely to fail. We have taken the best from the old publishing models and dropped the rest, combined those with book marketing strategies that work today and have created a model that can help authors create success without going through long learning curves, experiencing endless frustration and draining precious resources.